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UNO Campus Recreation serves 15,000+ students, as well as, the many faculty, staff, alumni and spouses. Hear what a few of our happy customers have to say about their experience in the new HPER Building.
"As a regular user of the HPER facility, I have found the services to be exemplary compared to other workout facilities. Saving time and gas without having to drive across town for a great workout on the new equipment, attending an exercise class offered at just about any time of the day, or taking advantage of the great massage packages available, is a real asset to my busy lifestyle. We are all busy at UNO, we have a facility right here on campus that has great staff ready to help you anytime and great options for everyone no matter your interest or needs! I'm a big fan of HPER!"

- Barb Treadway, Director SOLP
"Overall, I think it is a wonderful addition with state-of-the-art equipment and nice, open and appealing space, it makes workouts more efficient and less time-consuming compared to the old HPER. It is going to make HPER a lot more appealing for students on campus to check out and eventually work out."

- Cliff Cisar, Student
Fey, John. "A Health Addition." UNO Magazine Fall 2010.
"It's way more spacious. There is a lot more exercise equipment to choose from. I think it's awesome."

- Jess Bethel, Student
Fey, John. "A Health Addition." UNO Magazine Fall 2010.
"I have been a loyal(and satisfied!) patron of Campus Rec since 1974---pre-Kaminski!! I was there when the doors opened to the facility about 1980 and was there at the ground breaking for the new facility as well as the dedication last week. What a tremendous accomplishment for all the faculty/staff/ and students of the UNO community to have this "crown jewel" HPER facility to use for the well-being of all concerned. However, facilities will not run themselves and this is where the highly competent, customer-friendly staff comes in---which we are so fortunate to have at UNO. I use several of the resources at Campus Rec from the golf league, bowling league, Corporate Cup team to daily workouts on the running track and the exercise center resources. I realize this is only a small portion of what is available to the community, but what a phenomenal opportunity for our campus to have these services available. The addition of the Medical Center is truly welcome and I have used it for various ailments and diagnoses already(and at my age, they become more frequently needed:) Even got my flu shot this week which is very convenient! It's a wonderful organization here and it is truly an integral part of our UNO community!!"

- Dr. Bill Wakefield, Director for Community Outreach
School of Criminology and Criminal Justice
"I think you’d be hard pressed to find a nicer fitness facility in the region – it literally has something for everyone, and the atmosphere is welcoming. The elevated track, with its sweeping views of Caniglia Field, make it a pleasure to run inside."

- Teresa Gleason, Program Manager
Omaha By Design
"In the middle of July, 2010, I was doing geological fieldwork in Badlands National Park with a colleague and three undergraduate UNO students and I fell, dislocating my left shoulder.  After getting it re-set and letting things heal for about three weeks, my doctor suggested that I start physical therapy/rehab work on my shoulder.  He suggested I investigate what was available at UNO, so I went to the HPER building and discovered the Injury Prevention and Care facility.  Tycee and her workers have helped me get to almost 100% range of motion back in my shoulder and continue to work on building strength in my shoulder.  The trainers have helped make a sometimes painful experience endurable with encouragement and a knowledgeable approach, always taking time to explain why I was doing what I was doing and why my shoulder wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do at the time.  I highly recommend their services to anyone with an injury or questions about aching muscles or joints.  This really is a marvelous resource available to those who use the HPER facility."

- Robert Shuster, Associate Professor of Geology
"I was a freshman when the HPER building opened and we thought it was the greatest thing with it's 50m pool and indoor running track. But I have to say, the new facility is awesome (course I am a little biased!) Worked out today in the south fitness center and went to Vaughnda's yoga class. Love it!"

- Audrey Buckley, Project Manager
Planning and Architectural Services
"I do not live near UNO, so I utilize the fitness center over lunch hour. This provides a nice break during the day so I am more energized in the afternoons. Exercise is a great way to relax and rejuvenate your mind. Fitness classes provide an opportunity to meet and interact with coworkers you may not otherwise know."

-Rita Sterkel, Management Information Coordinator
Institutional Research
"A  HPER personal trainer helped me rejuvenate my workout regimen by
                  Showing me how to use new cardiovascular equipment
                  Demonstrating the use of a variety of free weights
                  Creating a personalized workout  plan based on my goals
                  Helping me make efficient use of my time in the gym
                  Coaching and supporting me during  workout sessions
                  Stressing the importance of strengthening my core area.
As a result, I’ve lost weight and inches and stand taller and feel better."

-James Dick, Professor or Teach Education
College of Education
"I took my great grandchildren to the Halloween Party and they loved it! I think it is the best part of their Halloween. They have attended for three years. They have also been involved in the swimming program. They are already planning to come to college at UNO and they are all under eleven, they think it is the best place every ever and they think that mostly because of the HPER building.

I attended the Health Fair and I loved that. I received so much helpful information and received so many gifts. It is one of the things I look forward to every year.

I am so proud of the University and all that it offers young adults. I think that the new HPER building is one of the best things we have to offer those attending the university. Being fit and healthy is the first step in being a successful student and giving them a place which is beautiful, comfortable, friendly and full of top of the line equipment is the best thing we can do for them.

- Karen Pickens
Master's Swimmer